Do university workspace policies work?

Nov. 22, 2023
Staff workspace on campus is a unique policy and design challenge, and increasingly so since the pandemic. Individual offices are as empty as their activity-based working fitout counterparts, and estate teams are cautious to take risks that might exacerbate already low occupancy rates. The sector is experiencing an avalanche of internal policy reviews by estate teams as they grapple with how to provide productive and comfortable workspaces without wasting time, carbon and money.

Report: How will Covid-19 change belonging and community on campus?

Aug. 1, 2020
How long it will be, if ever, until higher education returns to some semblance of normality is unclear. What is important though, is that universities continue to deliver not just education, but the social and bonding experience that comes with higher education. In this report we look at the challenges of creating a sense of belonging pre-Covid, and what factors should be the focus going forward to assist in the recovery effort and build a resilient student experience. 

Giving PhDs the space to succeed

June 9, 2023
We are excited to launch this research in partnership with AUDE.

This paper brings to the fore some of the real concerns of Post-Graduate Research Students (PGRs) who are often towards the bottom of a cultural hierarchy within our universities, and who can find themselves overlooked in favour of ‘more valuable staff’ with permanent roles which attract research funding. We’ve interviewed representatives from universities in the UK and Australia to understand the critical space issues facing this cohort; reviewed international literature on the topic; engaged with PGRs through social media and an experience-mapping exercise; and spoken with workplace experts to draw in lessons from other sectors.

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