Report: The changing face of student accomodation, global case studies

01 January 2020
Every year, 18-year-olds take part in what has been termed a ‘mass migration’. Leaving home to go to university is a rite of passage in many countries. It is important step in becoming an independent adult that can fundamentally change the academic and social outcomes of the university experience, especially when students opt to live on campus. In this report we look at the trends influencing design of student accommodation, using global case studies. 

Living on campus has traditionally been seen as being one of the greatest determinants of student development, particularly within the Anglophone world. Various studies have observed that students living on campus are more likely to interact with faculty, engage in extracurricular activities, forge friendships and use institutional resources than their peers living off campus, thereby increasing identification with the institution and boosting educational outcome. Those staying at home, in contrast, are statistically more likely to struggle both socially and academically. 

There is a general consensus that university-provided accommodation offers two very tangible advantages: recruitment and retention. This paper explores trends in student accommodation.

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