University of Exeter

Focus: The student experience for different cohorts
Survey participants: 998 students, 15 staff leaders
Comments: 9,800 
Staff Interviews: 15
Campuses: Streatham, St Luke’s and Falmouth 

What we did
University of Exeter is within the Russell Group in the UK and, in addition to a comprehensive organisational restructure, has experienced rapid growth in student numbers over recent years. This is putting significant pressure on facilities in some areas of the Estate with tight space constraints. The University commissioned Campus Intuition to conduct interviews with the University’s executive leaders to understand gaps across the estate to achieve the intended strategic goals for the institution. These interviews, coupled with a comprehensive student survey and experience mapping exercise provided a solid data base to inform strategic initiatives currently in development. 

The project explored how specific cohorts such as overseas and graduate cohorts experience the campus, with a view to creating a consistent learning experience for all students. Campus Intuition benchmarked the University’s teaching spaces, library and study spaces, IT, safety, wayfinding, social and relaxing space, sport, food, community and belonging against the global benchmarks for Russell Group/Group of Eight Universities.

What we found
The Campus Experience Index indicated a range of experiences across the Exeter’s three very different suburban campuses that reflect the size, personalities, locations and cohorts that use them. This information helps to highlight the strengths of each campus, where the common issues are, and in which areas small and large investments will make the most difference to which cohort of students. 

What happens next
The findings are being shared within strategy workshops with senior university staff as part of a master plan revision as well as a teaching and learning strategy (and capital plan allocation) and wellbeing strategy for students. 

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