What we did
Campus Intuition were engaged to produce a thematic literature review of the current trends within inclusive toilet provision across university and industry examples. SOAS University has a highly diverse cohort of students so wanted to ensure facilities meet all requirements. University trends and examples from across the globe were studied, alongside industry case study reviews. 

What we found
The research highlighted key design considerations within gender neutral toilets, disabled toilets and toilets that cater for cultural and religious traditions which need to be considered when designing truly inclusive toilets. A range of design strategies were explored to provide a greater understanding of different approaches to help inform toilet design policies. It became apparent there was an increasing requirement of universities to provide disabled facilities that not only cater for those requiring wheelchair access, but also those with who are ambulant disabled or have neurodiverse conditions. 

What next
Following on from extensive research, Campus Intuition provided  a variety of recommendations which would improve toilet provision across SOAS campus. These included strategic and planning recommendations along with physical upgrades and actions.