Privacy Note - Experience mapping

You are submitting a series of photos and opinions about your campus to Campus intuition as part of a project at your university.

We collect your personal details in a registration form as part of the on-boarding process. We keep these on file for the period of the project, and then delete these records on completion. We do not share your details with any third parties. We may share your details with the university to facilitate remuneration to you for your work on the project.

We use a number of platforms through this process to contact you, collect and store the photos and opinions, these are all GDPR compliant. These platforms are:

  • Survey Monkey (for registration and payment detail collection)
  • Essendex and WhatsApp (for communicating)
  • Evernote (for de-identified data storage) Your answers are anonymous.

When we transfer the data out of WhatsApp we remove your phone number and full name.

You may send us photos that identify you, or other people. If we use these photos in any material we blur the images to ensure individuals cannot be identified.

The data is used in a few ways:

  • Photos and opinions are analysed and some are sent in a report to your university, recommending projects to improve student experience on campus
  • Photos and comments are used in presentations at your university and externally at other universities, conferences, events, reports, blogs and other online and print material.

The data is processed in Australia.

If you have any questions please contact the Data Protection Officer, Dr Samantha Hall,