Privacy Note - University of Brighton Campus Survey

The survey you are completing is a Campus Experience Index survey. This is a set of questions we send out to universities around the world to gauge student experience on campuses.

At your institution we are collecting a name and contact email or phone number to enter a prize draw. These contact details are extracted, the prize winners selected, and then all individual contact details are deleted and not kept on file. These are not linked to your survey responses or shared with any third parties.

Your answers to the questions, and opinions on your campus, are kept on file by both the University of Brighton and Campus Intuition. The data is used in a few ways:

- Findings are analysed and results sent in a report to your university, recommending projects to improve student experience on campus.

-  Some of the questions are used in our benchmark. The overall score (meaning the aggregate score for that question) is entered into our global Campus Experience Index to benchmark against other campuses. Universities and campuses are not identified by name in the benchmark.

- The benchmark and other findings are used in presentations at your university and externally such as in presentations, conferences, events, reports and articles.

We ask for your opinions and suggestions in the survey. Each comment is read and analysed for themes so that we are able to help the University identify campus improvements.  Some individual (anonymous) quotes are included in the reporting to help communicate the student voice on topics. Demographic details (such as whether you are undergraduate or postgraduate, gender, school, campus location etc) are collected to help us understand variations in campus experience between different cohorts (such as School variations across teaching space). Findings are reported to the University across these segments, in an aggregated and anonymised way.

The data is collected and stored in JISC Online Surveys. Some analysis takes place in other software applications, all of which are GDPR compliant. The data is processed (analysed) in Australia.


If you have any questions whilst this survey is running please contact the Campus Intuition Data Protection Officer, Dr Samantha Hall,

If you have any concerns about the use of data for these purposes, would like to access data held about you or would like to exercise your rights under the data protection legislation, please contact

 If we are not able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you have the right to apply to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). They can be contacted at